New OP-1 battery indicator

Hi all,
I have a new OP-1 (rev 2), but I can’t understand the battery indicator.
The OP-1 just went off, so I plugged it to wall charge, but the battery LEDs are not switching on.
Also, if I turn it off, they go all ON for a second and nothing more.
How can I check if it’s charging?

Plug it into your computer instead of the wall wart and wait, the Op1 should sort its status and start charging

I tried that, and it “kind” worked.
Now I have to recharge the battery again, but after 2-3 hours of charge, when I remove the USB cable and turn it on, it only shows 1 led on, why?

the charge indicator on the op1 is mysterious. Just ignore it ang charge it regularly

Everything is automatically saved, so even if it does run out of power, it’s no big deal.

My op1 has never run out of power

So, how many hours is ok to charge?

now is a good time to calibrate the indicator. that means you have to keep the OP1 on as long as the battery lasts, after it shuts off don‘t put the on/off switch to its off position, just charge the battery to 100%. the indicator should work again as expected.

as Long as your battery needs to

do a recalibration of the batterie. use the op1 or let it turned on until the batterie is fully empty ao it shuts down by itself. you can do thia over night for example. needs up to 18 hours. then turn the op1 OFF plug in the charger. either wall or pc, no difference. the leds should turn on normal now. so one after the other from 1 to 5. let it do that for about 10 seconds, then turn the op1 ON and wait about 10 seconds at the tape screen and turn it OFF again. and let it charge until its full. can also take a long time or maybe just 3 hours. thats always different. thats it, the batterie should be calibrated and the led indicator should be accurate now.
also: always shut the op1 on after plugging it in for some seconds and wait, then turn it of. this way the op1 registers that its in charging mode and only then it will charge fully!
hope that helped

Ok, I’ll try that, thank you

I tried that, but on the last step, when I turn it off after 10s, all the LEDs become lit and turn off immediately (like if the battery is all charged I think).

I tried to turn it on and off a few times during the charging, and in the end it reaches all the LEDs, so I think now it’s calibrate

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