New OP-1 DNA Glitch?

Total newb here, using a new op-1 on 220 ; I’ve searched for a few days but can’t figure out why the Display for the DNA synth looks like this -
Looks like the shape used to generate the animation is oddly visible in the corner of the screen. Still sounds great but I’m concerned this might be a symptom of something else in the device - thanks for any ideas!

Mine looked like that when I bought it new a month ago, but updating the firmware to the latest version fixed it.

Thanks Scot! Guess I have to dump my three days of tape to pc and jump up to r225!

Yep, confirming I had the same issue. Just got my OP-1 a week ago or so, 220 out of the box. Did a factory reset then updated to 225, DNA looks proper now, update was painless.

Same here- was concerned about the OS update given the horror stories but I think that was mainly 218 to 225.