New OP-1 field questions- Finger Sequencers help

I recently got an OP-1 field, it’s my first Teenage Engineering instrument. I am very excited, it is amazing! I haven’t gotten around to recording to tape yet, I’m starting out by exploring the synths (beautiful) and sequencers. The Finger Sequencers have me confused. I would love any insights into how they are used.

Edit: I didn’t understand that most of the stuff in the OP-1 field was previously in the OG OP-1, so a YouTube search turned up a lot of helpful information and I’m rolling now.


Enjoy! It’s an amazing little beastie :slight_smile:

Feel free to come back and ask any questions once you’ve poked around for awhile. Red Means Recording has good content on the old model, Son Wu has excellent more up to date stuff.

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Hey thanks!
I am actually kind of surprised at how great this thing sounds. It’s an incredible instrument. I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun with one piece of gear. I discover something interesting every time I pick it up.

I watched the Son Wu videos, I’ll check out the Red Means Recording videos now.

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