New OP-1 Key Misfiring

I just realized I should have posted this in here, I cannot figure out how to move my other post so I double posted.. sorry!

EDIT: I just noticed that my unit is "Made in China". With all the other people experiencing problems with these newer units I have decided to return it for a full refund. So sad =(

Hello all, I just purchased a new OP-1 and have seemingly run into a problem with the hardware. One of the white playing keys will double fire, as if the switch had no de-bouncing circuit. I do love the device but for the price I would have hoped for better QA control, although I do understand of course you cannot always make it perfect.

I will say I did update to the latest firmware immediately, and the device seems otherwise perfect except for the wobbly volume knob (my understanding is this is not an issue). I should point out the double firing is intermittent, but once I start playing a bit it starts to be much more frequent to the point I can reproduce it 80% or more.

Does anyone have any experience with this same problem? I have contacted TE and the seller but I am hoping there is some simple fix so I do not have to wait for repairs etc.


Matt Sweeney
Saint Paul, USA

PS: The unit was sealed in the box, as expected. So it doesn't look used as far as I can tell.