New OP-1 keyboard failing

I bought a new OP-1 in July, and I have been enjoying it ever since, but over the last couple of days, the keyboard has started to fail one key after another: at first, the sequencer key on the right stopped responding, then some of the musical keys. They sometimes start working again for a couple of minutes, then stop. Is this a known issue? I have opened a support request with Teenage Engineering support, but no answer so far. I have also used diag mode to check the keyboard, it clearly shows what keys have stopped working, but that doesn’t help very much…

Any advice would be very welcome!


Hey there, I had/have the same problem, but for me it happened about a year after I bought the OP1 … for another year the keys worked every now and then, that’s why I didnt care, but one day they stopped and never worked again. Right now I ve 3 not working keys… my advice, as your OP1 is quite new and you most likley can replace it - do it. For me it was too late.