New OP-1 OS #242

strolled around and saw a new Update for the OP-1 which dropped today! :slight_smile:

fixed bugs:

  • in some cases radio gain could affect mic gain in rec screen
  • vertical graphics tear in screen center removed
  • octave shift not functional in CTRL mode on previous os release

some fixes tho


vertical graphics tear in screen center removed ?

I think that’s referring to the screen tear you could see in the string instrument at times. Apparently it was too CPU-intensive for the OP-1 to keep up with.

Glad they fixed the octave control in MIDI mode.

Funny how they still haven’t been able to fix the boot screen logo being off-center to the left. I actually had a back and forth with their tech support and they confirmed that it was a known issue, and they even made a beta firmware for me to try and it still didn’t fix it.

did you already try?

Yep I updated mine and the string synth seems to be working fine, although I never got the screen tear much in previous OS versions either.

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the Delay Animation seems also a lot more fluid, even when sequenced with short Attack, long release full feedback, low octave and master fx.

is it a preparation for the marriage of OP-1 and Op-Z?

btw. what about the news in the custom firmware thread?

Is it safe to update on a 2016 unit?

of course. iam on a 2012 unit

Nice, gone are the tear when adjusting sustain on envelope screen.

I would love to see the new Opz synth engines in a future update

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OP-Z’s new reverb would be lovely.


I doubt the OP1 has the necessary DSP power for that. In fact if you examine the effects closely, you’ll discover they are extremely limited on what looks like purely that basis.

I changed to 241 within a few days of getting my OP-1. At the time, I was very concerned that something might go wrong with the update. I studied the directions carefully before doing the update, and everything went fine. However, I am worried, based on a few accounts I’ve read, that if something goes wrong during an update, that could “brick” my Op-1. I am not using it as a MIDI controller, and I don’t really care about tiny glitches in the graphics. That makes me wonder if I really need bother with the 242 update. That is, assuming the only real changes are the ones listed, above.

I updated from 237 to 242 without any problems. Didn’t want to have the octave bug so I skipped the 241

One problem I was having was when I hooked it with my OP-Z, they wouldn’t sync at all. I have yet to try it after the update, confident it will work!

I find that switching off MIDI clock in and out on the OP-Z makes sync work.

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updated from 237 to 242 with no issues. my OP-1 is fairly old.
hope that helps people like @WoO-1 and others

Anyone else having connection issues after upgrading to 242?
OP-1 won’t mount to computer or tablet and I got about 0:14:58 left on the tape

I wonder if a reinstall will wipe the tape?

E: I also notice 241 is the “latest” per the website


i see the same thing on my mobile
but when u actually click the download button // link
it brings u to #242
someone just didn’t update the text on the mobile site seems like