New OP-1 owner and forum user here...

Hello operators,

I got my OP-1 yesterday, found this forum today and I just felt like posting something. I am really excited about this machine. I think what appeals the most to me is that it is so portable, tweakable and that it forces me to use a whole other way of thinking (and feeling) when creating music as oppsed to a traditional DAW with hard/soft synths. I've gotten a couple of hours with it hands on and I've barely scratched the surface. I anticipate that once I have gotten the flow going and gotten into the routine the OP-1 is going to let me take a more direct route from idea to sound than before - and that it's going to be even more fun!

Well have fun with your OP-1, dear.
I suggest you participate to battles to get quickly into it :slight_smile:
Welcome, operator !