New OP-1 owner - Rubber foot missing

Hi guys, hope to get acquainted with this place as with my new machine.

It just arrived new today and one of the little rubber feet are missing so it wobbles around on the table.

Has anyone else had this problem and are they available from Teenage Engineering?



Awe! Did you buy it direct from them? Either way just send them a message through the contact form on their site. I would be surprised if they didn’t just mail you a replacement nub for free. Congrats on your new OP-1, sorry for the rough start! It’s a tonne of fun though. Welcome to the forum!

Thanks Mr Flannel,

It’s a handy lesson actually, based on the amount of GAS generated pre-purchase, a minor “let down” like this teaches me not to over-invest on how marvellously perfect it will be to acquire things, even though it is still marvellous.

I sent head-office an e-mail and await their reply.
A replacement nub would be nice.
Otherwise, I may just have to put 4 new alien feet on it from the hardware shop.

did you use ‘Business’ on the form? the other selections tend to not get an answer, I think their contact form is messed up.

maybe they are just all about that BIZNASSSSSSS… lol

Ah, thanks for the heads up on that one.

I’ll send another, including my serial number too.

It’s business time!

Just to say I e-mailed them and they replied right away.

A little rubber foot is making its way to the UK.

Superb service on the part of TE.

It’s the little things that count. :slight_smile: