New OP-1 Owner/User 2 Bar Loop Question

UPDATE: I figured it out.


Like the title says I am new to the OP-1.

I have a bunch of questions but will start with this one.

What I want to do is record a simple 2 bar drum loop.

Here is what I am doing. I hit the Drum key and find the drum sounds I want to record.

Then I hit record and play the drum beat for 2 loops.

After that I press the Stop key and use the green encoder to shorten the loop so that it loops perfectly.

I always have to go back and use the green encoder to shorten the loop so that it loops perfectly every time.

My question is, is there a way to set up the 2 bar loop before you hit record so that once I do hit record the 2 bar loops is already in place?

Are you using the metronome? If you are in the metronome page you can use the green knob to change to a “Beat Match” mode that lets your tape track roll in sync with the metronome.

Usually what I’ll do is have the tempo set in beat match mode and now the white markers in your tape mode represent a bar line. You can use “SHIFT + >” to make your playhead snap to a bar.

Set your in point using the “1” key marked “IN” and your out point using the “2” key marked “OUT”. You now have a perfectly looping section of tape that is matched to the tempo of your metronome.

I hope that helps

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Yup that is it!

That is what I am looking for and this is exactly it.

Thank you so much!