New OP-1 user, battery problem (More likely charging meter)

Hello guys,

Firstly I love this little thing and it’s got me writing music again. I have no previous knowledge of synth or drum patterns (guitar player). And it’s gave me a creative boost.

But. I bought my op a week ago and I’m considering sending it back and replacing it with Amazon as the charging seems to be all over the place. The battery runs for ever but the indicator is confusing. Won’t tell me a full charge at one point then a few hours later after playing it and charging for 20 mins will. Depletes quickly then stays on the last blinking light for hours.

I also had a brief problem taking a head phone jack out and it making no noise till is switched it off and on again. This happened twice today while recording with it.

If this is genuinely normal (which is crazy for the price tag…but obviously worth it in other departments) then I won’t return it. Just need some experienced op-1 users advice.

Thanks guys for any advice you have

Yes that is normal. Look at one of the other threads around here with the exact same question. There is your answer.

Nice one buddy

if u let the battery drain all the way and then charge it again over night
sometimes that helps reset the charging meter for a bit.

Yeah Iv seen that pretty consistently, I tried that and mistakenly put the switch in the off position once reattached the power.

Either way I can live without the battery indicator (just charge it frequently I suppose)

As long as it’s normal haha

Nice one mate