New OP-1 user, introduction and ambient track

Hi all, new member here. I got my OP-1 just recently and finally got around to make some tracks with it. I like the immediacy when building a track, it all seems to flow very smoothly. In a matter of an hour I put together some parts that I then exported to logic for the final mixing and mastering.
This one in particular would like to be inspired by Loscil (one of my favourite ambient music composers), and it’s written in 7/4, an unusual odd time signature.
These are all OP-1 synth and drum sounds, with the obvious exception of the vocal chops, that I sampled directly on the OP-1 from YouTube.
Hope you like it, and looking forward to joining the discussions here!

Komo rebit // OP-1 ambient sketch


Welcome. Congratulations on your OP-1! Nice!

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