New OP-1 user, tinny speaker issue

Hi there,

Recently acquired a used OP-1. Speakers were working fine for a while, but now they sound tinny – although it really only seems like an issue with the drum sounds. Tried to do a scan to see if there are any effects or functions enabled that would lead to that. It’s kind of a tinny, filter-y, almost like chiptune-y quality to the sound. Hoping I don’t need a replacement speaker…


Have you done a factory reset?

just to double-check that you haven’t turned on one of the effects on drum tracks or master?

I thought the speaker on my second hand OP-1 was damaged too but the issue turned out to be that the little speaker was being over-driven by the drive setting in the mixer.
Press mixer [:bar_chart:] next to [1] under the display then [4] and wind back DRIVE until the speaker stops farting out. However you may want to increase the drive again when not using the built in speaker; it’s just a reference tool really and can’t realistically handle the output OP-1 can deliver. Red Means Recording shows the mixer in use on his tape tutorial here; it still leaves me with questions though. -