New Op-z buggy?

Hey all,
just bought an op-z… Overall i am very impressed how much fun it is :slight_smile:
But i have some things i wanna ask you…

  1. What’s the charging time?
    I had it about 7 hours on an ipad charger… Led indicator raised from 5 to 11 but not further up… The app says 60% after an other hour playing without charging and not connected to a screen from there

  2. on the fx1 track i have to push the 1 two times to activate delay… For the other three i have to push the corresponding buttons just once

3)on the fx2 Track there are only three selectable efx. No delay the other efx are on the buttons 1,2,3

I have updated to the latest firmware 1.1.27

Maybe someone can confirm or help…
The charging issue troubles me most… Maybe a faulty one… Should i go back to the shop and get a replacement?

Thanks in advance…

The battery meter is known to be off at the start. To recalibrate it, drain the power until the OP-Z goes into coma, then recharge full.

AFAIK the delay effect is only available on FX1.

Ah cool thanks for the fast reply
I will try the battery calibration.
And thanks for confirming that there is no delay on fx2… Didn’t get that out of the manual :wink:
The double click for activation of the delay seems to be software related. Selection of 1 on fx2 is single click so no faulty buttons…


And it only really needs 30 minute charges to hit max.

Thanks man!
I removed the battery after charging again for several hours… Put it back in after a minute now the led indicator shows all 16 leds.
If the battery lasts for 5 to 6 hours and recharges in half an hour i am :blush: