New OP-Z, odd bug?

Hey guys, new here and I just got my OP-Z. I’m having some of the double trig issues that it seems is pretty common and will be bringing it back this weekend to my local shop to replace.

I’ve noticed something else tho that I couldn’t find as an issue with anyone else (searched here for a while). So I’m on the latest firmware as of todays date and I noticed that while turned on, if left untouched for say, 10-20 seconds, when i press a key to trigger a sound, that first key press doesn’t register any sound, but it will place a note, if I go to play it back, the note will be there even tho no sound registered. A second button press will work every time, but the first button press never does.

I also noticed after letting it sit for a few seconds, if you hit play, the sound will fade in, so you miss the first few notes. Anyone else notice these issues?

It’s called ghost mode

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