New OP-Z won’t start on battery, OK on usb power?


I’ve just got a new OP-Z this afternoon. It has turned on fine plugged in to a computer via the usb cable but does not power on with just the battery.

It shows a full battery when pressing the screen battery, and when plugged into usb shows a solid green final light indicating full battery charge.

I have tried the below advice twice on the TE website to reset the battery indicator but the battery indicator still says it is full and won’t power on with just the battery.

I’m leaving it on to charge via usb for a while to see if that fixes it. Anyone else experienced this and what was the solution?

This didn’t happen with my first OP-Z!

As spotted on other forum posts…

OK swapping usb charging just turned the thing off.

I’ve updated the firmware and the battery indicator is way down low, just a single LED. I’ve powered it down and it is blinking, indicating charging.

Hopefully that solves it…

It was blinking yellow which means it is trying to wake the battery. I left it on charge for about 3hrs and it didn’t wake and it failed to power up on battery. I charged it another hour and it is now green and almost fully charged.

I know others with the same issue fiddled with the battery to wake it, but maybe helpful for others just to be patient and see if it wakes after a few hours on usb.

Happen to me this morning as received a used unit and with 1% battery, the unit was tryong to ‘wake’ up the battery and with Yellow Led on charging, then I swithc it ON and seen the battery going from 1% to 32% in a sudden, then it start discharging fast like 5% every minute, then still USB connected I followed TE instruction and now I have a Green Led on charging and it seems charging it correctly but Don’t know how long it will last… As this unit is still in production TE should sort Batteries replacement as are nowhere to be found ( iFixit just replied to my email with ‘Sorry but BAtteries are Sold out from the manufacturer’…