New OP1 button trigger problem and some other iffy stuff

Second day with a brand new OP1 from Amazon and I’m having problems - paste button seems problematic; sometimes It triggers just by touching it gently, or it will paste multiple times by itself and other times it works ok. The box it came in was sealed but it seems to be falling apart on one end - I do expect close to perfection for the money and didn’t get it

I’d hope TE extensively test it at the factory but doesn’t seem to be the case as I’ve been reading a few problems with the new batches. Some time ago I used to have an old model OP1 which was bulletproof.

Update: I’ve tried to clean the switch and trigger it a fair bit over two days but the intermittent problem is still here. I can’t see any obvious mechanical problem nor any dirt trapped, it’s almost as if it’s something else indirectly related. It’s just this one switch bit everything else seems OK which pains me.
I’m returning it - luckily Amazon are very swift with handling this… I wonder how efficiently it would have been handled if ordered from TE directly…