New OP1 connector board ?

Is there anyone on this forum who may be able to design a “new connector board”.

On ifixit It looks like that there is room left in the op1 for adding a another circuit.

Thinking out loud:
- would be great to have via the op1 usb audio & midi (AD/DA + internal usb hub) transferred.
- also reduce the noise on the outputs (if possible and not coming from the engines)


I would pay around 150 EUR/USD

no one?

has anyone high res pictures of both sides of the board?

Good idea, I thought about this option as well, the free space inside… but I have no idea how to realize sth like this, as I’m no technician or programmer…


First i need either a broken board or high res pics from both sides.
Second i will ask a friend.
Alternative could be an external device which fits on the connectors.

Lets wait 1-2h and see what this device op-z is hopefully this makes this thread obsolete :wink:

I have an old board, mic broken. Where in the world are you?

germany, but first some pictures would be enough for a first analysis. i think

It is a pretty dense board, quite a bit on there so possibly not as simple as may first seem, however it is a great idea - maybe if enough are interested it could be worth contacting seeed studio to see if they can do it?

The upload image option does not seem to be working, otherwise I would post a couple pictures.

There isn’t much logic in that board, just the mic, a few LEDs, an MCP23008-E/ML 8-bit in/out expander and an unrecognized 16-pin SMD IC, plus the I/O switch, USB connector and audio jacks.

USB audio would only be possible if the output audio is resampled and handled by a micro-controller. Only noise introduced by the connector board itself could be reduced, not the one picked up from the flat cable that runs from the main board alongside the battery.

perhaps you could use imgur and post the links

^ Done!