New OP1. First charge. Top (5th) LED is red...OK?

Hi All,

Amazon got it to me overnight into one of those locker things… Excited, to say the least.

Been charging brand new OP-1 for about 2 hours now…

5 LED’s flashing green in sequence (as if climbing) but 5th (Top) LED is red. Is this ok, or a sign of a problem with charging/supply?

I have searched Red LED, here, in sooooo many forms and have found nothing!

Any advice much appreciated.

Can someone write me a note so I don’t have to go to work tomorrow?



Hi psilop1, congratulation!

Yes it’s perfectly normal, have a look here under 11.3:

You’re a star. Thanks

YOU GOT IT!!! Nice one, hope you’re enjoying it!

Ohhhhh man. You’re in for a sprained cheek from all the grinning to come. Welcome aboard.

The fun machine! It’s not perfect but who asked it to be?