New OP1 not working after firmware update - FIXED

Hi, I purchased a new OP1 a couple of weeks ago. The first one stopped working after 3 days and had to get it replaced by retailer. Just got new one and having more major issues.
I updated the firmware to the latest one on TE’s website 237 by following the instructions with on and com key and leaving the USB plugged in. The update seemed to work OK and then told me to restart, think I had to press com and eject first. When it turns on there is no screen, or the screen displays garbled characters which fade to black. I tried reinstalling firmware several times and reformatting and reinstalling and same situation. Screen is fine on boot menu but when I restart it is either black or fades to black sometimes keys play sometimes not. I’ve mailed TE support, but I wondered if anyone had any advice on this. My serial number starts T9…, and the firmware is 237 wondered if it’s an issue with the firmware if it’s bricked. Pretty worrying! Thanks for your advice.

FIX here - it’s the 237 driver. Updating to 241 fixed it.

P.S Also tried the diagnostic test which runs normal but black screen on reboot. The unit wasn’t low on power and charges normally and registers as a drive when I plug it into PC.