New op1 not working!

hi guys i recently purchased an op1 from musicians friend online. It has been in studio conditions and hasn’t moved with less than 50 hrs of use on it. I turned it on the other day and whenever i would hit any of the buttons it would instantly freeze. So i restarted it a few times and the same thing happened every time. So i did a factory reset and all of the other scans and checks the system does on its own motherboard/functionality and all that. All the buttons and motherboard were functioning properly. Well i did the factory reset and now a DOS screen pops up whenever i would turn it on. It was a series of letter followed by, can’t open ************/.db I’m not exactly sure what it said. So i downloaded and installed the newest firmware and it took away the " DOS like" screen but still freezes if i press any button, if i hit the synth selection button the screen goes blank with one green pixel in the corner then freezes. Of course contacted TE and have not received a response from them in over a week, I’m not exactly sure what i can do, it has to be an easy fix because i have literally taken it nowhere and used it very little. Has anyone encountered these problems? please help!

Did you try a format?

no i did not, i will right now, is there instructions on how to do so?

yep i formatted and re installed new OS, and nothing just instantly freezes :frowning:

I take it that it’s too late to exchange it with MF? FYI TE is just going to tell you to deal with Musician’s Friend for warranty work, they don’t deal with warranty repairs unless you bought it directly from them.

Well musicians friend opened up a claim with them and have been helpful, but TE hasn’t

even responded to MF yet so who knows what is going down, my whole unit has been kind of buggy from the get go… Every once and a while i would turn it on and there would be no volume but i would just turn it off and it would start to work again so i hoped it wouldn’t go past that.

hold com on startup and run everything…

i did everything you can do…

My heart goes out to you there barrettskul,hope you get sorted.

Thats the trouble with these little things costing so much…painful.

Did you end up working this out?

i just got it back today, now it freezes in sketch, i had a the key on the bottom far right fall off, and the battery isn’t charging. So they sent it back to me in almost worse condition which is really a drag, i just now sent another message. Im all wrecked

that’s fucking terrible. I’d at least notify TE (via business inquiry on the contact form, that seems to work better…) that one of their resellers is reflecting very poorly on their product

That’s too bad, now I’m afraid to send mine in.

ok new problems popped up, now sound isn’t working 1 of 5 times and my track 1 key started to function as synth/drum key 1 and then freezes up all the keys . I have sent videos to them to see what they can do. I will keep updated

I have kinda the same problem.

Mine didn’t recognize the USB connection when i tried updating FW. So i thought I would try to Format av reset it. And now it just freeze at stratup stating that i cannot find tapexxxxx.db.

ya i have sent it in for a second time, this time they payed for it but i am not sure i even want to keep it now. It is almost too stressful at this point

It’s worth keeping once you get one in proper working order. It really is.