New OP1 user here. Could use some advice

Hello, super excited to get my hands on my first OP1, hopefully the only one I’ll need.
Picked it up yesterday for 800 bucks, i’ve been having buyers remorse for over half a year now, I seen a deal and been on the fence since then.
Everything works great on it, as for turning it on, sounds, drums, tape, etc. But since I’ve recieved it second hand, I was trying to preform the TE-Boot Screen, “Holding com, and turning power on”
Welp, it doesn’t load up… it makes the pop sound, but stays black… Of course, like anyone that spent this amount of money on something, started looking it up… Found little information but a few threads in here that went unanswered, or just ended up having to send their OP1 back for repairs… which obviously… i may not even have a warranty… so i’m sure repairs are going to be out of my pocket.
As stated before, everything works though… seems it was already factory reset when I had it, no samples were loaded on it, no snapshots, etc.
Is not being able to reboot/reset really worth it? Not being able to access this menu leaves me not able to update the firmware, or even check if its the correct version now actually. But everything plays perfectly, altho i’m still learning it.

Here are some other unrelated issue questions maybe people can answer or point me in the correct direction.
When creating something on the tape mode, for example… I stacked 4 tracks (drum sounds), joined them together to just create a “sound” that I would like to edit further in my synth engine. What is my workflow for this? How do i save this short “sound” as a snapshot or something to pull into my synth engine?
Also, effects. I’m sure these things I just haven’t reached around to finding yet, but… can you stack effects on top of your synth sounds? My goal is really creating different sounds to keep processing and recreating into new original noises i can then later on and play on the keyboard.

thanks for taking the time to read.