New or Used?

Ive order an OP-1 online (Amazon) just got it in the mail. The box had a hole on it, the item did not come with rubbers nor plastic sticker on the unit. The unit is perfect (aesthetics), looks new, but considering the things Ive mentioned Im not sure if the unit is brand new or not. How can I check on that?


Was the box seal intact?

Yes, but the tape that is supposed to seal the box, came out easily, in fact I taped the box back with the same paper tape and it looks perfect gain…

The seal for the Rev.1 unit was very strong, you had to cut or rip it off. I don’t know about the Rev.2 (the one with the peace sign printed at the box),

thanks for your answer. How can I check if mine is V1 or V2? Just with the mentioned peace sign on printed on the box? Is there any other way, like on the unit itself?
PS:Will teenage engineer bring this item back for sale?

Please check this post for diffs between Rev.1 and Rev.2:

thanks for the info, Im afraid I can’t compare nor come to a conclusion based on these observations. Is there any way in the unit itself, like system, etc to check? The box does not have the printed peace sign on it…

I’m not suggesting you do this because opening the OP-1 will void your warranty, but the Rev.2 main board is totally different. The original one was yellowish and had many NYC land marks on it, plus a “F. Yeah!”. The new one is all black, no funny markings.

You could post some pics…

It sounds like your item was not new. The tape should be stuck on there, and the OP-1 should come with the rubber bands and the overlay.

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Imo it’s not new. It should have the TE rubber bands and clear cover that acts as a key guide. I also think that if works fine you shouldn’t worry and try to enjoy. I would take it up w/ the seller depending on what you paid. If it was marked up as a “new” product that’s not cool. If you made an e-payment I would encourage you to file a claim w/ that service and see if you can’t get some $$$ back. Good luck.

of course it is not new lol you really think this?

I ordered mine from Guitar Center waited patiently months and finally received a !@#$% non working opened/return that was jammed back into the box. After 3 months of waiting for a replacement (and multiple complaints) they took 20% off the price and sent one Next Day Air. Unfortunately I had to push the issue and contact an executive to get it resolved.