New OS Update v1.2.17

Download: Download Link

Version: 1.2.17

Released: 19.12.17

  • module stability improvements
  • app file transfer improvements
  • exponential lfo depth knob
  • add “generous_chords” option for 6 note poly on chord track. read more here.
  • fix occasional false low battery warning

New OPlab-module firmware also!

new update features

  • rewritten OP-Z-to-module communication, significantly improving midi reliability

  • speed optimizations

  • lower power consumption

  • add LED start-up animation


uh the 6 note poly is nice! great!


note: this doesn’t affect the number of notes per step, which is still four. :thinking:
So this means that I can play 2 other notes over 4 sustained ones ?

I think so. And Notes from steps before, longer than one step are there.

can someone please confirm the following bug:

when inserting notes (per step) from an external keyboard the OP-Z just grabs the last played note and not the whole chord while the sequencer is running.

if it’s stopped there’s no problem to hold down a step and inserting chords with all notes playing on that particular step.

this only happens when an external midi device like OP1/Qunexus is used for inserting notes.

please check it out @flybry or anyone else.

wrote a mail to TE with a Video.

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Had anybody that had a oplab that didn’t work tried these new os versions? I’m curious if it cleared up the problems.

I’ll check this weekend hopefully. I didn’t update just yet.

In the lab deep for the last few days lol studio dog life

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basically everybody could check that by connecting a midi keyboard straight to the Z.

even the OP-1 doesn‘t work with chords per step when the sequencer is running.

(while the sequencer is running, hold down a step, insert a chord and it won‘t play the chord, just the last played note)

it’s driving me crazy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The big advantage with this update is that now when you are playing chords with long long release times, you won’t have notes getting choked out when you hit your next chord. It will make chord progressions a lot smoother.

This was one of the big things I really wanted for the chord track, it made it hard to do ambient pad sounds when each chord would chop off the tail of the previous.


I’d take that. The sequence does choke a little on busy patterns; maybe this will help.

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