New plugs

Any information on new sound packs or new plugs available?

I recognized new sample packs from redmount studio in the config section of the app. Dont know how long they have been there.

Nce okay I’ll take a look. So sounds like new packs are added periodically with no flashy notification when you open the app

You can take any drum patch from and every synth patch for the op-1 I have tried works in the synth sections.

Gotcha! Do you need to own an op1 to import sounds to opz?


Ahhh awesome. So how do I download the sounds onto opz then??

Put it in content mode (press and hold TRACK while turning it on), and you’ll see it mount on your desktop Mac or PC. There are folders for each of the plugs; copy your sound file into one of the folders.

Here’s a link to the manual where it’s described.

Have fun!

I can make it work with synth engines only with sampled based.

Maybe my guide (and tool) will help for synth samples:

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Yes, but as you say in your guide you can only import 1.2 Synth Samples, 1.1 Drum Samples not *Engines

Ah ok, now I get it. Yes, it is not possible to transfer engine settings right now.

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@pedo that’s not what I said. misquoting people does not help answer any questions.

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Sorry for the misquote but I did not let me changed. I did not ask for any questions by the way. I was correcting a missleading information :wink: