New PO-33 K.O Beat tape!

I released in the end of december in Osaka/Japan a new cassette beat tape made exclusively with the PO-33 K.O and the PO-32.

Ultra lofi riddims inside! :yin_yang: I sampled crunchy 8-bit old FM synthesis, weird digital strings from the Digitone, vinyl records, cassette tapes & field recordings from Japan.

The cassette tape is sold out but the digital album is available in Bandcamp: Hope that you like it!

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Very nice! Good music to relax

Thanks a lot, @RisingSon .Happy that you liked it!

I gotta listen to this, hopefully tomorrow - how are you recording both units? I got a little ahead of myself and I think the only way I can really do this would be with a little mixer or splitter. I’m coming from 100% iOS, but feeling the hardware itch where I came from so figured this would be a nice step back into the hardware world. Just not sure how to beat record and listen at the same time :thinking:

Hi @iammane, hope that you like the beat tape.

I used two pairs of PO-33+PO-32 to record this. Each pair is connected to a P0k3t0 Splitter v2, which splits the sync pulse of the “master clock” Pocket Operator up to other 4 Pocket Operators.

With this handy little device was possible to record live in two different channels of the mixer (PO-32 in one, PO-33 in the other) and work a little in each track in Ableton Live 10, the mix and master each beat.

About recording and listening, you´ll need a hardware with multiple outputs or, at least, an extra cue/headphone. In practical terms, virtually all common analog mixers and audio interfaces will let you record to your computer (or iOS device, but check all the compatibilities etc) and cue listen to it at the same time.

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Yeah man this is great. I might need to get my hands on a little mixer again, had a 4 channel Behringer back in the day which would have sufficed. I only have the PO-33 right now so I’d be doing it one track or so at a time, which is fine. There might be an even easier way.

Awesome job on these tracks such good vibes