New questions about OP-1 battery meter problem

I know, there are a lot of posts on this forum about the battery meter problem, but I did not find the answers to my specific questions:

I bough a new OP-1 a couple of weeks ago, and my OP-1 battery meter is very random and unreliable. I spent some 24+ hours on the battery draining procedure as recommended in the online OP-1 user manual, but it did not help. Having read a lot of posts on this forum now about this issue, I realize that maybe I made a mistake - I did not leave the OP-1 on when charging it after draining the battery…

  1. So now, I am considering redoing the whole procedure for another 24 hours, but I wonder if it is worth it? Having read these posts, it seems like that this is still not the definitive solution? If I understand correctly, it may make the battery meter better, but still not fully reliable?

  2. And if you say it is worth it, I wonder if I can use the OP-1 while draining the battery? I.e. should it be fully charged before draining and then be drained slowly without using it, or can I play around and make some music until the screen goes blank?

  3. If I follow the “correct” procedure and leave it on while charging, then the screen will be switched on with some kind of static display. Is there any risk at all that it get “burnt-in” or “LCD image persistence”?


I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

I bought mine last April and I forgot to charge it to full before I used it for the first time as specified in the manual so my battery indicator wasn’t correct for a while…

Over time it seems to have fixed itself and it’s now working correctly.

The battery life of this thing is too good so no point in worrying about it.


Tanks for your reply stelioskarasgla!

Yes, if the battery lasts as long as TE promises (“8-9 hours of heavy use”), I can definitely live with a faulty battery meter.

I bought my OP-1 less than two weeks ago, so in addition to being impressed of this device and happy about what it can do, parts of me are still in some kind of error detection mode, checking if everything works as it should.

It seems like my battery takes quite a bit longer to charge than TE specs (2.5 - 6 hours) using various good power adapters - but again, maybe it is just a faulty battery level meter that prevents me from knowing when it’s actually fully charged. So I am a bit worried that I got an old stock OP-1, with a battery that has been depleted for such a long time that it got damaged with a resulting reduced capacity.

I guess I will have to keep a log of my total usage time from fully charged until it dies if I really want to know…

Haha I do the same and I think it’s right to do it when we have spent so much money!

Where does it say 8-9 hours of heavy use? Mine seems to last for ages longer than that! I have to charge my op-z 3-4 times between charging the op-1.

I think that the battery indicators are slow to calibrate themselves and It takes a number of charges/discharges until they start showing the correct charge. (At least that’s what happened with mine).

Mine also takes quite a while until it shows full charge, maybe 4-5 hours. At first it wasn’t even showing full charge at all even when left charging overnight, but it fixed itself within 1-2 months.

I hope this helps !


It actually makes sense that it takes some time of use for an adaptive software algorithm to learn the characteristics of the battery. And it is possible that this learning may be sped up by going through the battery drain procedure but that it still takes even more time of use to “be fully learned”.

I will probably keep a log of use between fully charged and completely drained at least once to find out. The 8-9 hours are stated in the online manual:

Thanks again for your help and reassuring comments - i helps a lot!

To know how much power is charging the battery, the following meters are useful:

The OP-1 battery has approx. 6.6Wh capacity.

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the calibration thing isn’t like a one and done
the battery meter will go sideways again over time


Good to know that there exists such a device, should I want to take my measurements one step further!

Yes, thanks, I guess that makes sense too.

I don’t remember a time when my OP-1 stopped working while using it. And I never plug the USB while playing.
I guess the battery meter is more something you pay attention when it’s low.

Ok, so I have now timed my use since last charge and I have reached eight hours without my OP-1 dying! The meter is down on one LED now, but it is still going strong! So I happily conclude that there’s nothing wrong with my battery and stop the timing experiment. (It’s no fun keeping track of the time every time I switch on the OP-1 - kills creativity.)

Moreover, the battery meter has behaved much better this round after charging. Maybe its because I have gone through a couple of recharging cycles now.

Anyway, happy that I can let go of this now and focus on all the fun with this incredible device! :musical_score: :studio_microphone: :level_slider: :radio: :saxophone: :guitar: :musical_keyboard: :drum: :sunglasses: :metal:

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I have to correct my self - the battery meter problem has not at all been fixed. After recharging the battery over night, my battery meter still shows one LED.

Sorry for bumping this thread again, but I don’t want to mislead future op-1 users to think that my meter problem was solved. Obviously, my battery meter is still way off. I am still happy, though, that I have proved that my battery capacity follows the specs.

Happy music making!

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For the record, I’d say it takes mine 2h to get fully charged.
Battery meter has become relatively reliable: I have payed attention to the times I check it and it’s mostly

  • to check it’s fully charged
  • at some point, when I’ve been playing for a long time, to check if it’s close to drained.

There are chances that it gets better over time, come and update your observations in a few months after hours of use :wink:

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This thread reads like replacing a battery in an old iPod lol, the battery gauge acts just the same on my 3G iPod classic with a new batt.

Best of luck and happy jamming!!! Hope it straightens out over time for you

It’s honestly a useless indicator. I just keep a USB charger and cable in my kit, if I’m in doubt, I just hook it up and let it charge while I use it.

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