New Release/Bandcamp discussion

Hey guys, I decided to finally set up a bandcamp. Hooray!!! I think the act of actually committing to something is important so I made a decision to release a couple of tracks that I actually enjoy listening too after making them months and months ago. I’ve been really inspired by a guy called Fat Von Free to keep grinding and actually release stuff. I’ve been inspired by everyone on here too! I won’t name names because the list will go on and on. You know who you are! You are also the best people on the web. Fact!

Here’s the link to my page. I’m completely new to bandcamp so I’d love some pointers. How do you use it? I haven’t followed people yet. Also, I have been dreaming of my own record label that is named Xtra Sensory Perception of Accuracy - pronounced ekspa for short. If, and I hope I do, have the chance to release some more things including physical releases on tape do I need to be a registered business? I don’t even know how I would do that because I’m living in Japan.

Anyway, it’s my first release so I hope you enjoy it.

Looking forward to the discussions and insights for Bandcamp and it’s workings.

Thank you!