Hi folks,

I just released my first instrumental EP.
I only used the metal series Pocket-Operators. Recorded them straight from the output.
Hope you enjoy!

made a little snippet for it:

This is great. Bought it. All drums on tonic?

@Tbcase Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!
The drums are a mixture of things. I’ll break the songs down here:

THE SHIT = KO for sample, TONIC for drums, SPEAK for synth
GOLDEN TOUCH = KO for everything
THE GERMAN = KO for sample & drums, SPEAK for synth
FORMULA WON = KO for sample & drums & bass, TONIC for additional drum & bass sounds, SPEAK for synth
FUCK IT UP = KO for drums & chordsample, TONIC for drums, SPEAK for synth & autotune
YUGEN = KO for vocalsample, TONIC for everything else
NAUTILUS = KO for chordsample & drums & stringy-pluck-sound, SPEAK for synth

If you got anymore questions let me know.
Hope you enjoy the EP :slight_smile:

this is really great mate. love it

@Najrock Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed it. Just out of curiosity… which song do you like best?

Really, really good Son!

@FLDPLN Thanks! Hopefully Vol.2 will follow soon :wink:

Get it man! I’m going to be trying out my next release as an OP-1/PO only deal, so this was really inspiring. Keep it coming!

Sweet, lookin’ forward to hearing it! The POs are amazing to me, because hey limit you just in the right way.
Which ones do you use?
My next release is probably gonna be a mix of OP-Z & POs too, as I finally got the Z now. See how that’ll work out…

Yeah man, for sure on the limiting factor! I have the PO-33 and PO-16. I’m actually sweating the OP-Z as well but I’m hoping for an easy, built in PO sync option. I know it’s likely coming, but I’m nervous that it might take an add-on/module. Do you know if it works out of the box now as far as PO sync?

Well…I got it work with a little DIY solution, but it’s not ideal as you loose the stereo capabilities of the OP-Z.

Hey man, nice. Yeah, I thought about splitting L/R to do this but bummed the comprise for now. I have to think TE will release a module for sync at some point. This and the current lack of sample start/end editing is what has kept me from picking one up so far. Can’t wait/hope for the upgrades!

And nice vid btw!

Thanks! We are all waiting for the sacred module, sampling is the big issue here.
Get your act together TE and start making money with modules! :smiley:

I’m not sure it was meant as somewhat humorous-but the German cracks me up-Kraftwerk/Berlin thing going on-I found your YouTube feed and the songs earlier forms-very cool. Did you daisy chain the po’s when you recorded them for the ep? The sound is very good as well.

It wasn’t intentional, but I don’t mind if it is humorous :slight_smile:
Yeah, I daisy-chained all the POs and recorded them into my Olympus LS-14. Usually the 33 was at the end of the chain and the others before it.