New Roland boutique range opinions

What are people’s thoughts on the new boutiques that came out this summer?
I quite like the sh-01a, but I am about to buy a microbrute, so perhaps it will wait.

I had the jx-03 on my GAS list after i learn the microbrute. Would a sh-01 replace that?

i don’t know about the boutique range. but i’d take a sh-01 over a jx3p.

I have a jx-03 and its pretty good, I plan to get more boutiques too. Its good for brass/string/pad sounds and can also make weird sounds using the cross-mod thing. Actually the orginal jx3p and SH-101 had the same filter type,but even so they do sounds pretty different just like the boutiques do

I’ve got an SE-02 and I’m loving it! I have an SH-01a in blue on order, so I haven’t played with it yet, but I’m really impressed with the boutique series and the improvements made ove the originals. I haven’t played a microbrute before, but I’m looking forward to the SH-01a’s sequencer.

I have the JU-06, JX03, JP-08, VP-03 and TR-08.

Great pieces of kit.


That Tr-08 would be nice to own.
The Se-02 and sh-01 too.all of them infact.
But I got abit dazzled by the choice and decided to not buy any and just stick with what I’ve got.
I may jus buy a po-32 instead :slight_smile:

I’m intrigued by the SH-01A and D-05. The former for its polyphonic mode (up to 4 voices), 100-step sequencer w/ 64-pattern memory., and CV and CV gate outputs. The latter for the 16-voice poly, FX, and, 64-step sequencer.

Read a report elsewhere about the output level of the D-05 being lower than that of earlier Boutique models, supposedly because some complained about noise on those older models.

the ju-06 sounds pretty damn good.

The Ju-06 has awesome pads and basses, messing the LFO and sub OSC can crear pretty unique patches. USB audio gives a pretty crisp signal for recording. My op-1 is in repair (getting a new unit) can’t wait to play with them together.

I have both JX-03 and SH-01a.

SH-01a > JX-03 on every level, IMO.

Sounds is a matter of taste, but sequencer + UX + chord/poly modes + the fact that patches and patterns are not linked put it way above JX-03.
I would strongly advise to pick the keyboard in the same time.
It’s really good to be able to bring it everywhere…

I have just found my easy synth, the one I reach when I’m tired and just feel like playing…

I have a friend who has the JU06 and I must say it sounds pretty good, especially on pads. Throw a good reverb/delay behind and you can go quite far.

Personally I just got the TB-03 a few weeks ago and so far it’s been tremendous fun. The sound is there as far as I’m concerned (never had a 303, and I don’t feel like paying three grand for an original nor paying for a pricier clone i.e Avalon/DinSync) and the fact that it closely resembles the original in terms of form factor is a big plus for me; the Roland logo helps too :). Whereas the whole Boutique line comes from synths/drum machines that were at least 3 or 4 times bigger, the 03 has shrank only a little, and this makes it very agreeable to use. It’s sturdy, it’s fun (very fun, especially with the shit overdrive and the basic delay) and the Trigger/Cv/Gate make it a ideal companion to my modular. I would recommend it highly if you rate 303 sounds and are not a youtube snob.

making the jx-03 seemed an odd choice to me – i have the original jx3p synth. make something from the jupiter line – of course!, make a clone from the juno 60/106/6 line – a no brainer. but the jx line, nice as they are ( i also have the jx8p, a lovely synth!) doesn’t seem that distinctive or necessary once you have a jupiter and a juno.

i’m tempted to sell my jx3p and buy a ju-06. but coming up with pleasing sounds always seemed so easy with the juno106.

why is it i don’t hear the jp08 mentioned often.

@awesome_o the grass is always greener… ju06 feels quite vanilla after a while. i do however get a lot of use out of it since i also love logic’s ES1.

My biggest gripe with the boutiques are the small throw faders on some of the units, when scaling down the user interface small knobs are a lot better than small faders. Only reason I sold my JU06, it sounded lovely.