New TE CM15 microphone

Got an email from their marketing on the 27th, seems to be interesting. It’s eye wateringly expensive but seems to have good connectivity and would be pretty useful for a field musician. Has mini XLR too, which is nice.

TE understands that’s there’s a big enough hipster market with deep enough pockets to make it worth while. Apart from that I don’t see how it could compete against any other microphones in that price range.

it’s certainly cool looking and the specs seem solid but would ‘you still’ buy it if it had a different companies name on it?

Microphones are strange. $1195 is on the pricey end for a condenser mic but yeah, if zoom had one for example, with identical connectivity and build quality it would be fantastic. They don’t make one quite like it.

TE have their niche product development tied down to a good business model.