New to Oplab: CV In/Out Questions

I just got the Op-1 and Oplab w/ Case bundle. I’ve been having fun playing with the Op-1 in the past couple of days but haven’t done anything with the Oplab yet. Some of my initial Oplab intentions are to play with my small Eurorack system (two 48hp cases) and some assorted noiseboxes that take 1/8" CV. But not wanting to fry/break anything, I’ve been looking at the manual and have a couple of Qs:

  • CV In “Stereo jacks where tip is CV input, ring is +5V power supply, sleeve is ground.” - will this work with traditional ‘mono’ TS style eurorack patch cables? I have some stereo 1/8" cables that came with my monotrons that are very useful, but very short. The docs say “If a stereo plug is connected…” so it sounds optional…
  • Input range is -5 to +5v but output is 0-10v. Some of my external gear has input ranges of 0-5v. Is there an easy way to limit the output at the Oplab level to be no more than 5V or should I get a couple of Koma Attenuator Cables when dealing with that particular equipment?
For a while I was just plugging some of my gear into each other with abandon but lately I’ve started to get paranoid about sending too much voltage to something that doesn’t want it, and my electronics ignorance is leery of sending negative vo
I found a reference in one review of the item that says the CV In can be TS (mono) or TRS (stereo), and if TRS then it can supply current to the other device. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn't break anything.

“Stereo” TRS cable should only be used in the scenario where the thing you’re connecting too needs the +5 reference that will be on the Ring connection. Most common case I can think of is connecting to an expression pedal.

Mono to Euro (and anything else that takes a CV input) is fine.

You may want an attenuator for reducing the 0-10v signal, but you don’t need it.
In other words, you’re not going to damage anything, but, you may find that the CV output is modulating too much.

If you’re using just pitch CV + gate out of the OPLab, don’t worry about attenuating. I never do.
I’ve never bothered paying attention to CV output level relative to another module’s expected CV input level range - I’ve never blown anything up.

Connecting mono cables to oplab outputs works fine; there is internal protection on the +5V output.