New to Oplab

I’m wondering if the oplab will do this and what setting it needs to be on:

I want my DAW(Ableton Live or Reason) to send midi to the oplab and the oplab to output that to a minitaur and an OP-1 (both of these connected to the host usb ports on the oplab). Also want the midi out on oplab to send that same midi to a microkorg. Is this scenario possible?

No one knows this? Please?

Yes. The MIDI Out of the Oplab works as long as nothing is plugged into the MIDI In (as far as I know).

Computer USB -> Oplab. Ableton or Reason sees it as a MIDI interface.
Oplab USB A and B to OP-1 and Minitaur
Oplab MIDI Out to Microkorg.

I think you want Mode 3, iirc.

Thank you. I got it working. I love this forum. Very helpful with no attitudes.