New tool for generating OP-1+Z patches

While it’s not going to be useful to some, since it’s a command line tool, I haven’t seen anything else that does what it can do: GitHub - AlexCharlton/op-patch-util: A command line tool for creating and modifying patches for the OP-1 a

I can be used to create drum and synth patches from WAV files, as well as modify existing OP AIF files. Works well with the OP-Z, and it should work with the OP-1 as well - since the formats are the same - but I don’t have one, so I haven’t tested it myself.


Would love to see this in action (demonstrated) with OP-1

Is it MAC only? or Windows too?

I’d love to watch a video :smiley:

It should compile on just about anything, but I’ve made binaries for OSX and Windows, which are available here.

I probably won’t be creating any video demonstrations - that isn’t really a skill I possess (and I don’t have an OP-1) - but others are certainly welcome to do so :slight_smile:

Hi there !!!
Thanks a lot !
Would there be any possibility to batch create many kits with one command (and have the tool look into several folders) ?
That would be awesome.

Hey @jazzmess, glad you like it!

I kind of doubt I’d add that functionality to this tool, since I’m not sure how I could do so without the interface being pretty weird. Instead, it’s quite straight forward to create a shell script that does this. In fact, I just added a new example to the readme to illustrate:

WoW that’s smart. Thanks.