New User - introduction


New member here! Hello eveybody!!

So after watching youtube videos and reading this forum, i have pulled the trigger and bought the OP-1, and thought i would introduce myself. I’m 35, from the UK.

I look forward to talking to you all - the community seems brilliant (much better than the whiners over at Maschines forum!).

Any newbie, tips etc. would be most welcome.

I think once i get the general hang on the OP, i’m going to go back and do all the battles for my own amusement and practise - as im a novice when it comes to music production.


Welcome !
I am new too, 36, France.
Battles look fun, i want to try. i’m waiting the next one, maybe next week.
You still have time to vote for battle42 !

Welcome @JCFAX81! Great idea about the battles - you’ll surely learn a lot that way. Have fun getting into the Op-1 and shout if you get stuck with anything. Super friendly vibe here, everyone’s very happy to help.

Welcome :slight_smile: Yeah the battles are great. Inspiring to hear other people’s op wizardry and sometimes having a deadline and a brief can give you a little extra nudge :wink: I missed the last one but looking forward to the next too.
Enjoy your OP’s!

Thanks guys, received the OP-1 today and had a play on my lunch break. So much fun!

And the next Battle is close…join!