New User Question Re: Patches - Please Help!

Hi All,
New the forum but super happy to explore here and hope to start participating more as I learn. Got my OP-1 a few weeks ago and I’m in love with it - but relatively new to synths in general. Trying to learn from a variety of sources: videos, articles, this forum, the manual, and just playing around with it.

Before finding this site and, I found and downloaded packs of sounds from:
Audio Fanatic (
Jade Wii/Dawless Jamming (

I downloaded those packs and watched the videos and added all those sounds from those 2 folders to my synths folder on the OP-1 without issue and have a lot of cool new sounds. Then I read:

  • Max Synth Sampler Patches = 42
  • Max Synth Synthesis Patches = 100
  • Max Drum Patches = 42

Now I’m confused and I have so many questions - right when I felt like “ok I’m really getting this thing!”.

The Dawless pack had 34 sounds in it. They Voyager Pack had 33 sounds in it. They all seem to be there. But 34 + 33 is 67, so this is where I get confused.

Are these not “synth sampler patches”? What is a “synth synthesis patch” vs a “synth sampler patch”? Is each sound its own patch, and what are those sounds classified as?

Another thing I noticed: when I click on the “dawless” patch files on my computer, it says in a computer voice: “OP1 patch”. BUT when I click on the Voyager sounds on my computer, it actually plays the sound for me (via itunes). They are both AIFF files - what’s the difference?

I have a bunch more questions but these are the main ones that have been bugging me in the past few days as I installed my 1st patches/sounds, and I haven’t been able to find an article or video explaining to me like I’m 5 after Googling around. I assume either I’m asking it wrong or its a very “noob” question.

Thanks for any help, really appreciate it!

How good is the Op1!

A synth sample is an audio file.
A synth synthesiser patch is not audio. It is a series of parameters for a synth engine. It remembers the knob twists you made.

An op1 sample is an aiff with some little bit of op1 info added. That’s why you can’t listen to it on your computer.

Hope that helps. I’m only parroting what I’ve read on here over the years. There’s lots of very informed info on op1 patches and sample files in these forums that a search will deliver.

Thank you, this helps!

Yeah there is a lot to dive in here, so I am, more than trying to make songs right off the bat, just trying to really understand the instrument by playing around with it, learning all the modes and functions and trying to understand all the right terminology. I need to finish the TE manual. Probably got ahead of myself by adding patches. Thanks again!