New User - Sample Kit Transfer (and machine now bricked)

Hi, please can someone help. I’ve read many posts, read through manual and tried to figure it out.

I’ve made a load of kits to use on the OP-1 using the OP-1 utility. I’ve put it into disk mode and copied them across to the drum folder, in separate folders for drums, synth and bass etc.

Eject the drive and it keeps giving a list of the kits saying failed to create kit and no new kits show up.

It’s only 39MB in total and none of them are showing up.


I don’t seem to have any factory presets for any of the synths either - is that normal? Load them up using shift 1, they appear in blue, but nothing green.

I think I’m missing something loading/fie structure… can anyone help?

EDIT: realise I should press shift + 1-8 to load presets.

Now it has bricked and is stuck on the code screen where it creates now patches. All the text has merge together on top of itself and the machine won’t turn off???

EDIT: Unplugged USB and it turned off. Turned it back on and all my kits were there :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yes heart stopping moment - I’ve been there when dropping kits in and it stops going on for a bit. Deffo unplug USB maybe replug ,with on offs in between until it works and we hear that reassuring click out the speaker.(pure panic).
Welcome fello :slight_smile: