New Videopak Alert - Artist Series Pak by Multimedia artist Michael Mcintyre

I’m excited to release this new videopak by artist Michael Mcintyre. He spent long hours tweaking these visuals to work well in this format. Take a look at the demo if you get a chance!


This is crazy cool! Thanks for sharing, got myself a copy.



Thanks, but does it works with latest iOS version? As older VideoPaks needs to be compiled again, version 1.2.x requires Unity 18.4.x

These still work on the new iOS version… at least on the testing I’ve done. They don’t work on the latest Mac App. If for some reason they don’t work on your device, I can refund you no problem.

Do your videopacks support android?

Not yet, but I’m trying to get the android exports working. I’ll let everyone know if I get them working.

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Hi, with latest version 1.2.8 for iOS both iPad and iPhone does not work. Can you please make a test, and fix it? Regards

Can you explain what happens when you load the pak? I’ll see if I can get that working for you. Can you email me at … I know for a fact they work on my iPhone X with the new updates, so I want to figure out why it’s not working for you. Thanks!

Sure, I will send you the screens. Thanks!

Also, sometimes installing them is finicky. This is a quick video of the best way I’ve found to install them.

Yes I followed same procedure, I had seen this video before, and send you some screens for both devices an iPad and iPhone, the videopak is installed but all I see is a black screen and no response to any key. Again thanks for your help


Just wanted to let everybody knows that GIF animations work in newest version of TE app in iOS both iPad and iPhone. Thanks! regards


Glad we got that working for you! Jeremy RMR has covered installing new videopacks.


Thanks for the head’s up on that video! I wish I could have gotten some of our videopaks to him. They work in the current iOS.

Did this get resolved. Looks like im seeing the same issue.

Edit, actually the video is working. Maybe a glitch first off. Now ok

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