Just launched a new

Site contains Music, Videos, Blog and Twitter feed. Sample packs, Patches etc will be available soon too!
Thanks to Landr I’ve mastered some really old sample-based tunes and also the audio from the jams I’ve posted on YouTube.

Feedback appreciated - especially notes on things that are not working or anything like that.

The site looks great! I really love the buttons, really nice design!

cheers man.
BUMP for the sunday night crew!

Classy :wink:

Looks cool and expensive/professional. Love the color scheme.

If it was my own website I would end the homepage right where the “scroll down” arrow is located. Firstly, it would make the page load much faster. (On my PC it takes 4 seconds with all the 74 files. On my smartphone it takes forever.) Secondly, it would encourage people to explore the links at the top, which are a bit more structured than the main page.

You have to take this advise with a grain of salt, though, because I am allergic to parallax pages while most people like them. But most people also like fast page loads, so it’s a tradeoff worth considering.

Another thing is that without the context of this forum I would probably not immediately understand whose website is it. Is it a record label? A band? A project of some sort? It might or might not matter, depending on where your visitors will come from and what impressions you want to project.

Lastly, I would make the links at the top of the page a bigger, bolder, and change them to pure white for higher contrast. Just in case. I do not think it would undermine aesthetics, but it would improve usability and discoverability.

Yeah, I am a nitpicky critic, but I hope this is constructive enough.

it’s great.

Congrats on the new site! Loads well for me and I haven’t found any broken links. I’ve only checked it out on my Macbook, though.

I’m in the same boat as @Gambler, in that I find the parallax trend to be annoying for most sites, but I don’t mind it as much on yours. That probably is because I like your background images (I’m a gear nut and love seeing peoples rigs and setups). I will say that if/when you get more content on the site, to revisit it and make sure this isn’t an unnecessary amount of load time/scrolling for people to get a round.

Overall, very nice! Looking forward to checking out your patches!

This site looks great and fresh!

Nice site @spacetravelmadeeasy !
Just read a little bit through ur blog. I am totally with you regarding resolutions for 2015: release more music and not collect unfinished tracks on my hard drive. I so know the feeling :slight_smile:

double post sorry

the site looks great. really looking forward to those patches for sale.