Newbie asking for help (quick start)

Hi all,

I just received my OP-1. I see that there is a lot of information on this blog/site. Can someone please give me some topics which are helpfull to quick start with the OP-1?
Ofcourse i will use the quick start from Teenage Engeneering. But maybe there are some topics with infomation/items which most newbies come across. And that aren’t described in the quick start/manual.

Thanks in advance!

I’m sure you’ll get better advice from the other members, but IMHO check out the youtube video series by TE…

Thank you ANR. Gonna check that!

Also check out - the admin is on the forum. Great resource!

Thank you Josker!

the best guide is honestly your own eyes and ears and fingers and brain. play around with the device. introduce yourself to it. get to know it. its a funny motherfucker once you get it to open up to you.

+1 @docshermsticks. the op1 is the only DAW that feels like an instrument. and just like any instrument practice practice practice.

A lot of people have produced videos about how they use the op-1. I suggest browsing around on youtube. You will quickly find that no two people use it in exactly the same way. Experiment!

I am finding getting familiar with the sequencers and how to express /create with them helpful and deep.Learning how to build complete tracks with them (via tape).

Getting to know how to control the op-1 more and more. Now i want to control another synthersizer via midi (using the keys of the op-1). And i want to record the sound (without chopping it into pieces) into the op-1. Is this possible? And can this be done without an audio interface? Ofcourse i can try it but i have to order a cable, so i’m asking it first.

After some thinking… recording without chopping is possible. After recording just turn the white knob clockwise to have a larger range at one note.

What other synth do you want to control?
I use iconnect midi4+ to convert the USB midi from OP-1 to din connection ,but I have lots of synths to choose from.If its just one other synth ,or smallish set up (you want to control) I noticed an original iCM for sale…
Posted on our marketplace thread on this forum.

No audio interface required but a midi one is.
Some people use an iPad or Kenton, but the iCM is good.

I was abit confused about you turning white knob.Record to tape with loop mode off is usually good.It can later be re sampled.Plugging your synth straight into OPs line in.

I want to control the ambika from mutable instruments (via midi in). I prefer a cheap solution. And i only want to play notes.

p.s. i have an ipad mini. But i prefer a setup without it.

You will need something to Host the USB midi.

Do you know the cheapest solution that works?

I don’t you know @Eurynom3 .
I would check that link because he is from this forum (on page 3 of marketplace thread ).Ive not used the iOS method so I would need some else to comment on that, who knows.Google Kenton USB host also.
They don’t make original iCMs anymore and iCMs 2 don’t work for us OP-1 uses.iCM4+ is more than you need.So check that link against Kenton.

This looks interesting