Newbie question on samples recorded via microphone

Hi guys – sorry for the newbie question, but I sampled a little vocal thing and recorded it on track 1 of the tape machine. I didn’t save it – I just played it. I then added some other tracks. When I go back to track 1, my sample is still playing back as I recorded it, but I can’t find the sample in the browser, surely because I didn’t save it properly. Where is it in the “buffer?” It can’t be lost, because track 1 is still playing it and when I turn off the Op-1 it still plays back on track 1! Sorry for the newbie question.

Sounds like you recorded it to that tape, instead of sampling it.

No worries! Just 'lift" the audio section from the tape, switch to a drum sample or synth sample track, and “drop” the audio into it. Chop/edit, and then save it by long-pressing one of the number keys.

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