Next Week in NYC

I was hoping to get together with OP-1 peeps if you all meet-up or something. Not sure what I am doing yet… but i am around nights monday-wednesday

I might be available during one of those nights. I live up in Westchester but can drive into Manhattan (preferable) or take the train in. I’d enjoy meeting up with some other OP-1 users.

Cool lets see if we get anymore takers…

Unfortunately I will be in Pennsylvania. :(. I hope you will make it here again soon. I would love to meet up.

If Tribrix is away and we don’t have any more takers, perhaps we postpone for a week or month. I’m generally flexible with my time though I work until 6pm and would want to be back home by 11pm at the latest on a work-night. Just a thought…

I am in town from time to time so I will shout out again in the future!