No custom display protector? What gives?

I created an account solely to express my annoyance about there not being a custom display protector for my two thousand dollar investment. Is this just oversight or what?

TE, please create a freaking overpriced display protector for my OP-1 Field ASAP.

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You know this is is a fansite? :grinning:
You can send them an email with your question.

I just sent an email. I still find it annoying though.

I have cut my own screen protector :slight_smile:

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It is called “Display Protection” and TE produces them for the cheaper OP-1 OG.

Pretty sure those have been discontinued for a while, I can never find them in stock.


They stopped production of these too, but I can still find them in stock at certain vendors. No more display protectors for anything anymore all of a sudden then? Ok cool. I guess I will have to make my own.

I did the same. Made my own :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s pretty bogus tbh

The display protector for the OG was because the OG had a plastic display that was easy to get scratches. The op1 field is glass now so it’s not needed so much(seems pretty strong too). I’ve been protector free but I’ll probably buy something on Amazon and cut it up to fit the display. That’s what I did with my old op1 and it lasted years.


Making screen protectors atm. If someone is in a need for one or more, hit me up :slight_smile:

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Y’all, come on, it’s a $2,000 device. You don’t send nasty grams to Korg or Moog or Arturia bc they don’t make a screen protector. Just grab a deck saver, you’re good. Just buy a device and enjoy it, stop worrying so much about keeping it pristine. Enjoy your new toy and actually make music with it. Stop with this crap.


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Well, the display on the Field is Glass so would be less prone to scratches, personally I wouldn’t care that much.

However I live in Europe and I’ve ordered a couple of custom made hybrid tempered glass protectors for my OG-1 from This Website.

They are affordable and yet very high quality, I highly recommend them!

I believe the company is from Germany so I’m not sure they ship overseas but maybe you can find a similar service in your country!

(measurements for a perfect fit on the OG-1 are: width 60mm, height 29mm, corner radius 1mm)


What about the measurements for a perfect fit on the field? Are they the same?

Not sure as I don’t own one, I’ve taken measurements on my original OP-1 with a caliper,
you could try with that or a ruler.

In any case put momentarily a piece of clear plastic on the screen while you’re taking measurements (clear packing tape is perfect)
as you want to reduce the risk of scratching the surface.

I think there’s a good chance that the Field screen has the same dimensions.

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