No cv/gate out on oplab module, needed a factory reset

I recently got into an issue where my OPlab module stopped outputting CV/Gate when playing on the module track.

An op-z backup + factory reset got me back on my feet, but I was wondering if there is a combination of settings on OPlab that might disable cv out altogether that I missed somehow? Reading the manual didn’t give me any obvious hints…

This fix solved my Oplab trouble immediately and permanently. I used a thin foam that had an adhesive backing so I can remove and replace the module and still have consistent connection. My Oplab was nearly unusable after trying a few other fixes like contact cleaner on pda and contacts and firmware updates and resets. It is now and has been completely 100% functional

I was specifically having CV control issues. You can test this theory by pressing the back of your OP-Z where the module is and I can bet you will get cv control back. This wedge trick will keep it in good contact. Just don’t forget to flip the lock down!! It won’t activate the module if you don’t do that! Ask me how I know :crazy_face:

Oh and also you have to be using the factory midi track locations or it won’t control anything out of any of the 4 ports.

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Thanks for your reply! The module has been working out pretty well for me so far - I did test the contacts when it was misbehaving to be sure, but only a factory reset fixed it and the module is now working great again.

I suspect the reason is what you alluded to in your last sentence, I might have messed up the midi configuration and somehow put the OP-Z in a state where it didn’t send CV out anymore for some reason. A bit arcane to be honest… in the meantime I’ll just cross fingers and hope the module continues to work!

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Mine stopped working because oplab wasn’t set to MIDI Channel 14. As soon as I put that back, CV lights up again.

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