No EQ on Op-Z, Deal Breaker?

Today i just about pulled the trigger on a OP-Z when i realized that it doesnt have an EQ like the OP-1!? Because i’ll be more sample based i’d imagine this would be a challenge when trying to get tracks to glue and groove completely in the box and not have to rely on bouncing our to DAW to finalize tracks. Punchier drums. Snapier snares. Filtering out vinyl record samples to get the drum, bass and sample to groove right… etc

How does this effect your work flow? Maybe i should pounce for the Op-1 to accomplish more in the box.

Im drawn to the portability of both. The power of the Z. The sound and tape of the 1. I want to be able to do most of everything on the Z or th 1 without having to end up at a desk and studio to finish records.


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Not wanting to sound like a dick, but I still wanna point out that as far as I remember, the old MPCs didn’t have an EQ and I think not even a HP Filter and people got things done on them.
The OP-Z has a resonant High and Low Pass Filter, which gives you enough to play with and get things to gel a bit better. A dedicated EQ would be great, but I don’t think it’s necessary.
There are many other things, I’d ask for before that (resampling for example)

If you only want one, I’d go for the Z

Enjoy your Z


Hey no offense taken!

Most MPC would have an EQ like a DJ mixer before the MPC most of the time. Hip-Hop guys for the most part.

I guess I could treat my samples a little more before hand when sampling music samples versus ambient or field recordings.

That’s what’s drawing the Z to me. The potential to use Serato Sample chopped to 16 slices controlled by 16 different midi tracks. Or even randomized notes (slices). Randomly shuffled drum breaks. Etc.

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Hi !
I understand your point very well. It was a bit strange for me too.
I think the main point is : the op-z is not a very good sampler for hip-hop…
You canno’t make sample kit directly on the z so when you record 12s of a sample for choping for exemple, it will take you a full drum track - and you only have 4 - and you canno’t move a chop from a track to another…
Also, you only have 2 effects for a projet (song). So if you use a distorsion for the bass and a delay for the samples, well then… no reverb.
It’s clearly not an mpc.
But don’t be sad, there is also very good things ! :grinning: It’s easy and fun to make drums and bass tracks (really easy). Same for lead, chords and arpeggiator. At the end, the beats looks differents, with less samples, but still interesting.
I’m honestly very rookie but it’s possible to do a lot of things (and on the go !). Maybe not professionnal beats, but good beats.

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You have a mixer and filter for each track and the way the audio is processed in the opz is very nice so it all ends up sounding pleasant. They did a good job not letting the audio channels not turn into mud, plus you can pan tracks and use chorus, etc. Stuff ends up sounding good together and has a old school sampler feel to the sound. I wouldn’t worry about that issue, I would worry if the workflow and sampler limitations you can work with.


I’d also add that as far as I’m aware most Elektron devices don’t have an overall EQ - so same situation there as well - my Z sounds really punchy - and one mixing tip is to turn things down and then turn up the master volume - to allow some headroom in your mix - and if you’re running the audio into a DAW the Z sounds massive - easy enough to EQ the audio there too and really make it slam! :slight_smile: My advice is keep exploring and mixing sounds - I’m sure you’ll start getting better results soon


I agree, while having a three band EQ would be nice, having the bi-polar filters on each track and on the master can accomplish a LOT more than one would typically think. The one drawback to that is you often have to decide on using a filter to shape a sound creatively or to mix with.

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Thanks for the insight and feedback everyone

@Rom1 This gives me good perspective. Can’t I sample to the bass, lead, chord and Arp tracks as well though?

This is super helpful

@Kja and everyone: Considering the sample limitations and the facts the Z only holds 32mb compared to the Op-1 (??mb) When wanting to work with you own samples from a variety stand point do you ever feel limited in what you have at your disposal at any given time? The # of sounds and your ability tweak and shape what you have on the unit without always going to your computer to drag and drop or make kits on the utility?

fyi the memory limit on the Z is 24mb not 32mb

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@MikeSickWorld yes, you can sample on those tracks too but it works like the po33 : it’s not chops of your sample on each keys but chromatic (and 6s only).


Yes, it is nothing like having a mpc or digitakt where you have a huge sample pool and pull the ones you want to your project… opz is more like you just quick sample a couple things to add some spice to your song… then erase everything when your done. It really reminds me of my old Yamaha su10 more then anything else sampler wise I have had…

It really shouldn’t be your first sampler, get a digitakt or mpc… but if you already have one of those, opz is great to have a portable workstation.

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@Kja Thanks for that insight! - I have an Asr-10 and Maschine and K12 Ultimate (had a partnership a few years back). I’ve finally gotten the time to get back into production. In general I’m drawn to the portability of TE stuff and the Z - going back to the hardware approach and creating anywhere (im always on the move) So the Z looks capable and a powerful programming machine - cool - then I think of the potential it has to play nice with the rest of the gear but versus the Op-1 BUT then that puts me back at the studio desk again to maybe get the sound quality I want (back to that EQ) and to keep loading sounds and kits

Hmm maybe the Op-1 would better suit me since I can cram more samples into it and sound design on it. And get the Z latter as mother brain

But you won’t have an EQ per track or per Sample on the OP-1 neither. Only an overall/ master EQ for resampling to tape…

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:exploding_head: @mixrasta well damn

You have a HP/LP filter per track plus on the main mix a drive (adds top end) and another filter which I find adequate for most scenarios. I find the OP-Z doesn’t really need an EQ if you’re tailoring the right sounds.

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I actually picked up an OP one and it’s funny because I find only having one effect per track limited. I feel like I want to put nitro on everything for the filters. My unit is buggy as hell even after the update. It’s crashed twice. Might have to send it back

try the factory reset first and see if that sorts your crashing issues.

and resample to get more than one FX…
u can actually get two at a time if u use the master fx too

Conveniently related to this topic, I just released a sort of tutorial for creating an album on the OP-Z. This part 1 talks most specifically about mixing techniques inside the OP-Z. Part 2 will be more about recording and doing post-mixing and layering in the DAW. Hope it’s helpful!