No keyboard input from keystep via usb

Dear forum users, my problems is that my opz wont play any sound when using a keystep keyboard.

The opz receives signal from the keystep. I can use the pitch bend and the mod wheel of the keystep and the opz reacts flawlessly.

However if I press a key on the keystep keyboard - nothing, no sound on no chanel.

I think its strange. Did anyone experienced such issue before? Is there help?

Thank you!

You mean the left hand controls are able to modify previously sequenced stuff? If that’s the case, it means the MIDI channel is set correctly
Otherwise, try changing the channel on the Keystep to one of the first 8 which control the OP-Z’s internal sound engines

Hi Bichuelo!

Yes, thank you, thats the case. The left hand controls of the keystep are able to modify stuff on the opz (pitch bend and green encoder). As long as the keystep is set to channel 1.

I played around with the channels on the keystep as well as the opz. I played around with the midi options of the opz. I reset the keystep. I turned both off and on. I switched cable. I updated the firmware of both devices. Nothing helped.

The keystep is sending signals when pressing keys I found when connecting the keystep to the ipad or the pc.

Does anyone has an idea what else I could do to get this setup working?

Thank you!

Ok. Solved the problem myself. Midi was muted for all tracks on the opz :woozy_face:

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