No more op-z accessories

i was just informed by a sweetwater representative that according to a recent communication by TE:

“They have discontinued all accessories related to the OP-Z.”

which was a direct reference to a pre-order i had made with them for the black leather op-z case.

I think the leather cases never really where in stock anywhere. Make a google search for the leather cases and all you find are official photos - it is impossible that no one who bought it made a photo. I’m happy i ordered the grey roll up bag after waiting for months for the yellow one.

Huh? Even the oplab module is discontinued?

Don’t think so. Just the Cases etc. I think.

O they’ll have something new soon, again, again, and again.
They should focus on the sampler expansion module please thanks

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Every time I see someone talking about the sample module I can’t stop myself thinking how this is just a big collective delusion… any other company would probably jump right away at this opportunity, but TE may simple ignore it entirely.

@punji at this point in time nothing would surprise me w/ TE
its been a weird year or so for them for sure

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yeah, i mean at this point if they also discontinued the op-lab module and didn’t make any more, i can’t say i’d be very surprised.

It really seems like I’ve been the only lucky one to get one of the leather cases and post photos of it (until now, only on Facebook).
I guess it’s from the first batch, which TE decided to call back (if I’m not mistaken).

This German shop (I got it there) still has is some in stock. Don’t know if they ship worldwide, but it seems to have always been the only shop to sell it. First I didn’t believe they really had it in stock, but then I ordered it an got it two days later.

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That‘s a really nice case - but it has to be for the price. Anyone know why they called it back?

Probably because it’s so expensive and it didn’t hold any accessories. I wish they would just make a case like the op1 case.

I chose the Roll-Up Bag. There‘s enough room to fit the OP-Z with Decksaver and some Cables etc.

I feel silly I didn’t realize Decksaver made this yet. Thanks for the tip!


Same here - very powerful mobile Package i think.