No preset names appearing under each synth engine other than sampler - bug or known weirdness?

I just got my Op-1 back after a repair and it was out of commission for the past year. I’ve done a full factory reset and upgraded to the latest OS. What’s weird is that each synth category is completely blank other than sampler, which has about 10 presets under it. If I load up a synth and start using it, I can use the “Help” button combined with #1 through 8 to see the names of patches…but these never appear under the actual menu. This seems weird.

try the other way. (sorry i forget which one is which)
but prolly the combo u are doing is only changing the synth engine.
the other way will show u the presets

i believe its shift+1-8(hot slots)
or shift+T1-T4 underneath the screen.

It’s shift + 1 of the hot slots (1-8). So press shift + 1 (for example) & it will bring up the list of synth engines, sampler & their presets.

I just realized I don’t really press shift + t1 - t4. It’s time for me to explore more! I need to read thru the tips & tricks section too

@Sharris: the tips & tricks section is amazing! I’ve learnt so much from that, really cool stuff.

This is super weird, and it definitely didn’t used to work that way! What’s the difference between shift + track 1 vs. Shift + hot spot 1, then? They both bring up the list, only one list has more info than the other. Bizarre.

like i said, shift+T1 only changes the synth engine while keeping all other params the same

they changed it a couple years ago

Thanks for the help.