No sound from speaker & TE BOOT Function Test

Hello all,

Hope you’re all doing great things with the OP-1. Just wondering if anyone has a solution for my issue, gladly not a major one at all.

I’ve only had my OP-1 for a few weeks but I’ve used it lots for recording on the unit as well as into Ableton Live. Lately the speaker just doesn’t come on.

However, it’s NOT dead… I did the Function test in the TE-Boot mode and it made noise during the sound tests. But there was one step I had to skip, which involved removing the headphone jack from the output. I removed it but that action wasn’t registering so I had to skip that test.

I remember the speaker not turning on a couple times before but that would be fixed if I plugged headphones in and out.

So, TL;DR, does anyone know how to get the OP-1 to properly recognize when the headphone jack is in or out so the speaker will come on again?


EDIT: I found a solution! It seems the output jack had a bit of dust or something. I gently cleaned the inside with a dry Q-tip for two seconds and it was working again.

Sounds like the headphone jack is buggered…

@cherrypulse Did you buy it new recently? Would you mind telling us the serial number?

Has any pattern emerged in the serial numbers yet btw @punji?

^ We don’t have enough information, only 3 people with busted mic/speaker have reported their serial number (including myself). Those were older units, from around 2013. I would like to assert whether newer units are still prone to that issue or not, so I hope this case could answer that.

I was able to solve the issue after posting (ironic huh?), It was just a bit of dust or something in the headphone jack So cutting down a Q-tip and cleaning inside it fixed it. I’d recommend trying this for anyone who thinks their speaker might be “broken”.

This kind of thing happens to smartphones, if a bit of dust or water gets inside the jack but it’s a painless fix.

^ I hope you will be ok, but in my case the problem was intermitent, so it may happen again after you insert and remove the plug a few times.

Thanks. It did happen again, but it seems to only happen when I use my 1/8" mono plug, instead of a stereo for recording. Just a note.

I’m not too concerned about it, but it did happen with a stereo plug too. I’ll reach out to here if the problem becomes worse. I’m not really sure where to find the serial number on this thing but it should be a fairly new model since I only purchased it less than a month ago.

I believe the serial number is found by opening the little bottom panel near the ports. And also on a little white sticker attached to the carton and (IIRC) the see-thru keyboard overlay.