nOb - One knob controls it all

Hi guys,

please check out our Kickstarter campaign here:

your feedback and support are much appreciated! sharing this campaign with others helps a ton!

Suggest you post this on software-based music forums. I think you’d have particular success on soft mixer, DAW and soft synth forums. Posting on a hardware-based forum like this makes it appear that you are spamming us. Unless you see some specific benefit to us that isn’t obvious…?


It’s posted in the other gear section. Not me, but lots of folk on here use software too so this ain’t spam IMO.

Thanks for the suggestion cloudburst. I thought there may be some people that also work with software here. I personally produce on the Op-1 and then mix and finish up my tracks with software :slight_smile: This is how the first music part of the video was made.

Merry Christmas to all!

Fair enough @ghostly606. I’ll take that back then. I always regard this forum as a welcome hardware oriented escape from software :slight_smile:

Does look like an interesting little device with a very wide range of applications. There are a lot of music production forums creeping over into Facebook groups so make sure not to miss them (EDIT: ahh - I see you’re hitting them) by focusing on web forums. Best of luck.


Looks very inviting. How does it exactly work with a DAW? I select a slider or parameter knob on any of the virtual instruments and NOB controls it right away, or do I have to pre-assign each and every parameter that I wish to remote control inside the DAW’s menu to set up NOB? If my assumption of what the Human Interface Device does is correct, it’s the former and in that case I may decide to pull the trigger and back up the project.

Edit: I just read all the comments on kickstarter and NOB definitely seems to be my cuppa tea. :slight_smile: