Noise when i sample with op1

Good Morning,
I’m having some problems with the Op1 and I wanted to understand if these are normal things and if others have had the same problems:

  1. When I sample with the Op1 with my piano, a korg sv 2 -73 , with double jack to mini jack cable, a lot of noise is introduced in the recording, noise that is not there if for example I connect the piano to the sound card. Is this normal? Does the Op1 deliberately introduce this noise to make everything sound more lo fi? Is it possible to have a much cleaner sampled recording? This noise is quite annoying because it is sampled and sounds in every note, and even using a ground isolator, I don’t solve the problem. Is there a best practice for getting great recordings when sampling?
  2. When I sample an organ note with op1, it sounds nice and true even though it is full of additional noise, but when I connect a midi keyboard to op1 with a kenton usb to midi, the higher notes on the keyboard sound shorter than the lower ones, they just last less. Is this normal? Is there any way to fix it?

Thank you.
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1 some noise is def inherent when sampling into the OP1. always been like that
general best practices is to turn the volume on your input source as loud as u can without clipping to maximize your signal to noise ratio.

2 thats just how the synth sampler works (and most basic keyboard samplers).
when u pitch up a sample it speeds it up.
when u pitch down it slows it down to create the necessary pitch
there is no timestretching going on.
u may be able to create a time stretching effect using the fx like phone or the LFOs

Hi, okay, thank you very much.

I will try to implement what you say in point 1. But in theory if I raise the input volume of the instrument, don’t I risk raising the volume of the noise?
And I ask you another thing, to raise the input volume, do I just raise the volume of the instrument? Or do I raise the input volume on op1 with the red knob?
As for point 2, I didn’t know that, ok, thank you very much. I will try the time stretching you say.

Thank you.

The OP-1 has o noise floor similar to an old tape machine. My guess is that it uses dithering to mask digital artifacts. That is not always easily heard, it depends on the headset you are using and your own ear sensitivity. Is that the type of noise that you are experiencing?

Raising the output level of the external gear will increase the bandwidth of the signal, thus ameliorating the issue.

  1. For organs or brass / wind instruments, you can play longer notes by setting the loop point.

yes that is the kind of noise I hear.
Ok, so I will try recording the sounds at higher volumes.


Hi, I’m not clear what you mean, however when I sample the sound, I have a maximum of seconds of recording time

If you sample an organ sound at C-3 key for 6 seconds and play it as C-4, it will sound for 3 seconds. If you set the loop point (green and white dial) properly on the sample, you can play it for more than 3 seconds.

ah ok so you say I can set the duration of the loop and differentiate it, note to note? That is, can I make the loop of the note in C-4 longer than C-3?

No, you set the loop points so that it will play indefinitely at any note as long as you’re holding the key (or as long as the sequencer holds the note).
Higher notes will still loop faster, so you’ll want to fine-tune the loop points so the looping is least noticeable